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In order to make money or profit somewhere, you do not need to know everything at once, you just need to learn one thing. On the exchange, as in life, you do not drink all the medicines at once to cure yourself, you physically cannot be in time everywhere or know everything, you need to learn one thing and repeat it. Open a simple book - "Technical Analysis". Find one simple pattern or market property and start trading, try to see forex through one signal. In less than two weeks, the entire market will become clear, friendly and, to a greater extent, still predictable. After all, it's good that you live in this time, right now, when charts can be studied based on the experience of successful players.

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When our clients deposit their trading accounts, the commission is always 0%. RoboForex covers all expenses. Choose the payment system according to your convenience, not cost effectiveness. RoboForex also compensates its clients' commission for funds withdrawal twice a month.

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Each trader determines for himself an acceptable amount of risk. If the loss of half of the deposit in one transaction is acceptable for you, then place the appropriate lot. But you probably don't want to. So reduce the lot until the size of the loss stops hurting.

Forex trading goes on 24 hours a day, but, of course, a trader is not able to follow the market all this time. Choosing the best time of day for online Forex trading is an important point in building your strategy. The central idea here is to engage in trading when the markets have the most trading volumes and price ranges. For example, during the New York market, the British pound, US dollar, Australian dollar, euro, Canadian dollar, Japanese yen and New Zealand dollar are extremely active, and when the London market is running, the Swiss franc, euro, British pound and US dollar are the most active currencies.

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RoboForex clients, who have passed the complete verification, can receive the initial capital called "Welcome Bonus 30 USD". Join the promotion and receive the initial capital for trading at the least cost to your investments!

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Become a RoboForex VIP client to receive more percents on account balance and additional Cashback (Rebates). You can join the program if the total amount of funds on your trading accounts is more than 3,000 USD.

Mobile Trader

MobileTrader may become your real mobile “workstation”: perform trading operation on favorable conditions, deposit funds to your accounts easily and quickly, and analyze the market. In addition to that, you have an opportunity to contact RoboForex Live Support through MobileTrader and get the answers to any questions you have.

Resistance level breaks out.

Whenever a support or resistance level breaks out by a significant amount, they reverse roles, that is, they turn into their own opposite. In other words, a resistance level becomes a support level and vice versa, a support level becomes a resistance level forex charts. There is a curious pattern - growth or decline stops on round numbers. Usually, traders see certain price targets in round numbers and take some steps in accordance with this view. Thus, round numbers often become a kind of "psychological" level of support or resistance.

Here the trend changed direction dramatically.

Trend indicators indicate the direction of a trend. It should be noted that they indicate the direction of price movement up to the present moment and only at the moment. This does not mean at all that the situation will not change in the next moment. The price does not follow the indicator, but the indicator follows the price. Nevertheless, this type of TA tools greatly facilitates the ability to predict price behavior and open positions. The simplest trend indicators are moving (moving) averages or moving average (MA). Simple MAs are calculated as the arithmetic average of closing prices over a certain number of periods.

Reversal models and trend continuation models.

Price models are stable figures or formations that appear on price charts and make it possible to predict future price behavior. All price models can be divided into two groups: reversal models and trend continuation models forex trading. A prerequisite for the emergence of any pattern is the existence of a previous trend. If we are talking about a reversal or a continuation, then you must first answer the question: a reversal or a continuation of what? Before the formation of the pattern, there must be a trend. A double high (M) formation (pattern) appears when a trend approaches resistance, making two consecutive highs at approximately the same level.

Favorable conditions and risk

Ideal conditions for trading do not appear often. Learn to trade without waiting for ideal conditions. The amount of profit depends on the level of market efficiency. Enter the market when you find enough reasons to do so. Control the risk and only then calculate the returns. Increased attention to profits is a sign of a trader's immaturity, but attentio to losses is a sign of practical trading experience. The market does not seek to give money to those who are not able to earn it.

Favorable conditions for trading are “waiting” for the hour to be revealed. The modern market constantly requires careful planning and accurate execution of trade transactions. The road to success begins with the study of Forex price patterns. Test these patterns in real time during every trading session and adapt them to your personal trading style. And be sure to maintain strict discipline in every phase of position management.
Interpret price charts with extreme care and select the best setups available that determine the exact moment of opening and closing a position. Knowledge of price patterns helps in managing each individual trading position and minimizing the risk of losses. The ability to clearly identify the emerging market trend allows traders to systematize trading techniques that prevent reckless, reckless actions. Take the time to explore this world full of secrets and mysteries - only in this way you will get a chance to master the skill of trading.

How to trade with a mini Forex account?

As soon as you enter the world of forex, the first and the foremost thing that you would realize is that forex trading is much more than just looking at the prices of currency pairs and opening and closing trades at your wish. Forex trading is far more complex than it seems to be and this is the reason why a majority of forex brokers end up losing a significant portion of their investments in the forex market.
Forex trading is challenging in nature and this is the reason why you need to find the best resources to learn about the market in order to become profitable as a forex trader. But often learning is not enough; the learning part needs to be supplemented by the practice part. Although practice can be done on a demo account, a demo account does not represent what the real market situation is. This is the reason why you need to use a real account for the purpose of practicing.

Most new traders make the mistake of opening a normal trading account for the purpose of entering the market. What they need to realize is that a standard account is more risky than a mini account and hence it is better to start trading with a mini account rather than a standard account.
A mini account is basically a smaller version of a standard account but has its benefits over a standard account for novice forex traders. Here are a few characteristics of a mini account:

The minimum deposit amount is quite less as compared to a standard account The lot size is of 10,000 units instead of 100,000 units in a standard account The default margin is generally set at 0.5% Leverage of up to 200:1 is allowed in such an account Contrary to what most of the people think there are no downsides to using a mini account for the purpose of investing and trading in the currency market. Apart from lot sizes there are other benefits such as good trading platform, free charts and tools, low spreads, etc. Another advantage is that there is no maximum limit related to trading in a mini account. This means that you are not limited to trading only a few lots, you have the freedom of trading as many lots as you require.

Thus it can be quite easily said that mini forex accounts have their own advantages and are generally considered to be great when it comes to formulating and fine tuning trading strategies. Even seasoned forex professionals understand the importance of mini accounts, this is the reason why they develop, test and streamline trading strategies on mini accounts before applying those strategies to their standard trading accounts.

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